Theater Division Professional Partnerships


Boston Conservatory at Berklee is committed to building professional preparation into the student experience through unique partnerships with renowned theater organizations at the forefront of the art form. By working at cutting-edge companies that incubate new works and produce regional premieres, students gain real-world artistic and administrative experience while they actively shape the future of theater.

SpeakEasy Stage Company

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s partnership with SpeakEasy Stage Company immerses the Conservatory’s theater students in an array of real-world experiential learning opportunities at one of New England’s premier theaters. Acclaimed for its cutting-edge Boston-premiere musicals and plays, SpeakEasy Stage Company productions combine artistic excellence with relevant subject matter that fosters social dialogue. This unique alliance is built on a longstanding creative relationship between the two institutions, with scores of Boston Conservatory students, faculty, and alumni contributing to SpeakEasy productions since the company’s founding in 1992. The partnership is designed to provide Conservatory theater students with a range of artistic and administrative opportunities, including:

  • Performance and Audition Experiences: Each spring semester, SpeakEasy Stage Company will hold auditions on the Boston Conservatory campus; if students are cast in productions, they may receive compensation from SpeakEasy.
  • Opportunities to Shape the Future of Contemporary Theater and Musical Theater: SpeakEasy’s focus on producing premieres places students at the forefront of defining the future of theater, not only in Boston, but at a national level.
  • Hands-On Experience in the Nonprofit Theater Model: Students will be exposed to the nuts and bolts of theater administration and producing through internships in artistic administration programs and paid fellowships for aspiring arts administrators and producers.
  • Networking with Leading Artists: The partnership will bring guest artists, including composers and playwrights associated with SpeakEasy productions, for master classes with students.

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Goodspeed Musicals

East Haddam, Connecticut

Boston Conservatory’s unique partnership with Goodspeed Musicals places students in the exciting environment of festival theater production, where they collaborate with writers, directors, designers, and fellow performers to mount new works during Goodspeed’s annual Festival of New Musicals, attended by audiences from across the country.

Through this partnership, Goodspeed casts a number of Boston Conservatory theater students in the festival’s various productions, including staged readings of brand new musicals and cabaret performances; provides student training opportunities with Goodspeed staff and visiting artists; and hosts industry-related seminars and symposiums.

Committed to advancing the American musical, Goodspeed holds the distinction of being the birthplace of hit musicals Man of La Mancha, Shenandoah, and Annie, and was the first regional theater company to receive two special Tony Awards for its outstanding achievements.

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