Application Deadlines


Please read the information below carefully, as deadlines may vary depending on degree program. 

Application Deadlines

September 1

The online application for admission becomes available.

December 15 

Deadline for submission of all applications for fall enrollment.
Deadline for pre-screen recordings and portfolios. See Audition Requirements for details.

January 15

Deadline for supporting documents (transcripts, recommendations, etc.) for fall applicants.
Deadline to receive TOEFL or IELTS scores and evaluated transcripts from international applicants.

February 1

Deadline for recorded auditions.

February 15 

Recommended FAFSA submission.

March 15

Notification of all admission and financial aid offers to graduate candidates, except candidates in music education.
Deadline for all applications and supporting materials for summer enrollment for graduate candidates in music education. 

April 1

Notification of all admission and financial aid offers for undergraduate candidates.

April 15

Tuition deposit deadline for graduate candidates, except music education.

May 1

Tuition deposit deadline for all undergraduate candidates and graduate candidates in music education.

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