Theater Audition Requirements

Starting in fall 2019, those applying for a B.F.A. in musical theater must submit a pre-screen audition to be considered for a live audition. If invited for a live audition, applicants should prepare the live audition requirements as listed below.

Those applying for a B.F.A. in contemporary theater or M.F.A. in musical theater do not require a pre-screen audition. Applicants can schedule and prepare a live audition according to the requirements listed below.

Musical Theater

Contemporary Theater

Recorded Auditions

The requirements for recorded auditions are the same as the live auditions. The recording must be in video format and satisfy all the requirements listed above.

For the musical theater dance call requirement, record a musical theater-style dance piece on a stage or in a studio. The piece should be no longer than one minute and 30 seconds. Please show technique as well as musicality. Incomplete recorded auditions for musical theater will not be considered for admission.

All applicants are encouraged to introduce themselves and provide any information they would like to convey to the faculty.

All undergraduate pre-screen and recorded auditions are submitted online. Instructions on how to submit pre-screen and recorded auditions will be sent to you after your application is submitted.