Children's Opera: Three Pigs Remix

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Event Dates
Seully Hall
8 Fenway, Floor 4
United States

Boston Conservatory presents Michael Ching’s short children’s opera, Three Pigs Remix, an exciting retelling of the classic story of the three little pigs and the big, bad wolf.

In this remix, three important themes are explored—interpretation, cooperation, and habitation.

Interpretation: Why do we have different accounts of the same story? Many stories are retold from multiple points-of-view. Every individual has an original set of ideas and experiences that helps them interpret the story. Interpretation happens when we write a story and when we read a story—therefore, interpretation is always a vital part of every story!

Cooperation: In our version of the three little pigs story, the pigs and the wolf learn that peaceful, cooperative coexistence is better for everyone than ruthless competition for limited resources. Every member of a community has something unique and precious to offer the community at large. When we work together like the pigs and the wolf do, we all benefit.

Habitation: We all need someplace to live. Animals and humans share a need for a habitat, or home.

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