Orchestra: These Worlds in Us

Event Dates
Saturday / October 23, 2021 / 8:00 pm
Saint Cecilia Parish
18 Belvidere Street
United States
Discounted admission with Berklee ID
Free-Ticket Required
“...as we grow older, we accumulate worlds of intense memory within us, and that grief is often not far from joy.” — Missy Mazzoli

As we hope to rise out of the difficult period in the pandemic, we reflect on our collective trauma and celebrate a return to the music-making that inspires us each day. Join Boston Conservatory Orchestra in this powerful journey of darkness to light, featuring Missy Mazzoli’s These Worlds in Us, Johannes Brahms’s pastoral Symphony No. 2, plus a trio of operatic selections led by graduate conducting student Francesco Gennaro.

Program Information

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