Artistry in Action: Chamber Series

Event Dates
Friday / February 24, 2023 / 8:00 pm
Seully Hall
8 Fenway, Floor 4
United States

Chamber Series presents arias by J.S. Bach, “Madrigals I” by George Crumb, Piano Trio in B Major by Johannes Brahms, and “Breathe” by Berklee College of Music faculty member Evan Williams, performed by renowned Boston Conservatory at Berklee faculty members Saul Bitran (violin), Joseph Holt (bass), Emily Siar (voice), Philipp Stäudlin (saxophone), Linda Toote (flute), Carlos Vargas (piano), and Owen Young (cello) and graduate students Kyoka Minami and Eric Puente.

This event is part of Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s Artistry in Action series.