International Student Services


8 Fenway

The International Student Services Office at Boston Conservatory provides support and advising to the Conservatory's international student population. Areas of service include immigration regulations, ESL administration, and academic and cultural advising. The International Student Services Office also ensures that all necessary paperwork is filed for students to maintain lawful F-1 status while studying at the Conservatory and assists them in transitioning out of the Conservatory upon graduation. The International Student Services Office also assists non-native English speakers by coordinating all English as a second language (ESL) policies and programming, including the Conservatory's innovative Music and English Intensive Program (MEIP) and by providing academic advising to students enrolled in ESL courses.

The information in this section guides international students through obtaining or changing their existing F-1 (student) status in the United States. It also describes the Conservatory's ESL policy for all students who are non-native speakers of English. If you have any questions about immigration-related matters or ESL, please contact the International Student Services Office.